Ministry of culture of RA, Municipality of Tsakhkadzor and Yerevan State Pantomime Theatre proudly present Yengibaryan  International Mime Festival to be held in Tsakhkadzor (Republic of Armenia) on 10-15 August 2022. Pantomime is the most difficult and unique genre of dramatic art, comprehensible for all people despite nationalities and religions. The goal of Yengibaryan International Mime Festival is to make widely available the best practices of the world pantomime. It has as its objects to create cooperation between world’s theatrical, cultural and travel organizations as well as to apply for international theatrical processes membership.

Tsakhkadzor, where the festival is held, is a modern mountainous resort, located at the height of 1845 m. above the sea level. The name “Tsakhkadzor” translates as “flowers’ valley”, as the great numbers of different flowers grow here, green meadows are magnificent, and this is really a “paradise”, where the summer is cool and winter is soft and autumn is unanimously recognized as Golden Season.

We are pleased to inform that from March 1 we welcome performing arts companies and artists to present their theatres in mime, street, physical, fire-show, moving, jugging, dramatic dance, pantomime genres and other forms of mime art. World’s exciting mime theatre companies will come together to present wonders of mime art and pantomime plays on the street at daytimes and on the open-air stage in the evenings. Other events include forums, theatre workshops, master classes, feedback evenings, and fest clubs. If you are interested in participating in our Fest, please refer to our registration conditions.

The deadline for receiving applications is May 15, 2022.

We look forward to see you at our Fest!!!